Tucker Gold Restoration

Tucker technique gold

Conservative gold preps that wear well and typically last longer in the mouth than composite or amalgam materials. Gold is much more fracture resistant than porcelain restorations.

Tucker technique gold

Tucker technique gold restorations are considered the "Golden Standard of Dentistry".

Yes, we live in fast times and a very media generated world, but one thing has not changed and that no dental restoration has yet surpassed the high standard set by gold.

Aesthetics are very important today; however, not everything should be driven aesthetically, and not every patient desires aesthetics over function. The Academy of Richard V. Tucker Study Clubs is dedicated to providing education for those dentists seeking the highest level of training and expertise in restoring teeth with the most conservative, long-lasting cast gold restorations. The conservative approach leads to very aesthetic restorations that show little if any gold while still being durable and exceptionally well-sealed.

Please visit www.arvtsc.org for more information about the clubs around the world!


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